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Feature Product   26/06/12

Austin Healey Wheel Arches

Our AH492 (BN1 - BN2), AH493 (BJ7), AH641 (BN4, BN6, BN7, BT7) and AH642 (BJ8) Rear Wheel Arches are high quality, made to fit parts. As such they have been a long time coming with extensive research and investment in tooling. Because of these investments,  we've gone the extra mile for you once again by adding extra details such as the pressings and mounting points - not usually found on other manufacturers parts. Our wheel arches also come with the 2 bolt or single bolt seat belt mountings depending on model, however we can also produce these arches without.


Rear Wheel Arches

AH642L (BJ8)

Our BJ8 wheel arch comes standard with the top and front pressings along with most the mounting points. We have deliberately left out the hole for the radius arm mount as during our research we found there was too much variation between cars. We felt this was a very critical part of your restoration and you would appreciate the ease of adding this hole were YOU need it.





It's worth considering that you rely on the integrity of your wheel arch to separate you and your passenger from your tyres, rotating at high speed only inches from where your seated. Having new steel wheel arches can set your mind at ease.




AH492L (BN1,BN2)



Our wheel arches are the quick, easy and a safe solution.





AH493R (BJ7)



The finer details are all included such as axle rebound box mounting nuts, top (6cyl) and front pressings, seatbelt mounts and flared mount holes.





Front Wheel Arches

AH466R (BN1 - BN2)


Our 4cyl. Front Wheel Arches come complete with as original shroud mounting bracket and ribbed outer splash guard.





Are your wheel arches in top shape?


AH456 (BN4-BJ8)


Installing our Wheel arches gives you the peace of mind that comes with replacing any aged part and the confidence that your car will once again be as fresh and reliable as the day it rolled of the showroom floor.




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