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At KAS we're constantly developing new products and reviewing our current range.

This means that our Parts Catalogue is constantly changing.

In order to help our customers keep up to date, we list our latest items towards the top of the page.


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AH701 Sidescreen rear mount bracket - zinc plated & handed BN4-BT7


AH629 Seat belt mount plate - single mount on rear wheel arch Late BJ8


AH663 Packer toggle clamp assembly BN6 - BN7


AH702 Spare wheel leather strap assembly BN6 BN7


AH461 Tow Hook


AH634 & AH635 Front scuttle top panels 


AH677 & AH678 Accelerator relay shafts



AH681 Boot lid gas strut conversion kit

2 gas struts & mounting hardware


AH680 Timing cover brace


AH666 Bezel - cold air duct panel



AH025 Wiring harness aluminium cable tie

 - wiring loom to wiper motor rack tube


MGTD118 Side Screen Compartment


AH670, AH671, and AH672 - Brass Pipe Clips


AH667 Demister Chamber Pressing - under scuttle top BN4 - BJ8


AH487 Rear shroud support assembly - cockpit side BN6 BN7


AH472 Oil pressure/Temperature gauge fixing strap ( no lamp holder )


AH471 Fuel gauge fixing strap ( no lamp holder )


AH470 Speedo/Tacho fixing strap


AH608 Grille mount clip ( U type claw washers ) - 5 per car


TR028 Brake and Clutch master cylinder mount bracket TR3 TR3A


AH659 Knurled nut, speedo & tach & AH662 Knurled nut, oil temp, fuel


AH658 Strap fixing guage, speedo & tach


AH653 Eye bolt for handbrake support AH643S ....7/16" BSF male and female threads


AH643S Handbrake support-balance lever -bolts to rear axle...7/16" BSF thread


AH633 Radio Blanking Plate


MGB135 Tapping plate hinge to body





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