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Our BN4 - BJ7 Chassis / Frame  

Our BJ-7 Chassis - with optional wishbone and engine mount re-inforcements, adjustable shock mounts and floors fitted.


All models of our celebrated chassis are a prime example of the high standards we adhere to when manufacturing our parts. Our chassis have been developed from both original examples and original plans to exact dimensions and we've invested hundreds of hours developing the jigs and techniques.

We've made our Chassis / Frame with both the concourse competitor and the every day driver in mind so changes made for strength or integrity have been accomplished out of sight.

Our optional Internal Web has made enormous improvements in handling and scuttle shake whilst our optional Adjustable Shocker Mounts make front wheel setup and alterations a breeze.

We offer a wide range of other options and can custom build a chassis to your requirements. We can now build a chassis to order in as little as one week and we now carry limited stock.

Key Benefits

bulletBuilt to exact dimensions for originality.
bulletTop and bottom welded seams (NOT cut and shut RHS!)
bulletThicker wall thickness for extra strength.
bulletOptions can include Adjustable Shocker Mounts and Centre Webs.

All Chassis Models Available

We produce chassis' for the full range of Austin Healeys and because of our neat tolerances and original looking reproduction we can also  provide you with repair sections that will look as original.


Our comprehensive range of repair and replacement parts for all Healeys including the 100S are meticulously manufactured with our focus on quality, originality and fit. We carry stock of a wide range of parts from the smallest wiring loom bracket to a complete BJ8 Chassis.

Our inner and outer panel range cover nearly any rust repair required. From the Front Bumper Irons through to the rear ones. Whether it be the Front Valence to a Bottom Door Skin Repair. Radiator Ducts, Centre Consoles. Footwells, Seatpans & Seat Backs and much more. We even replicate the original door trim plate sets complete with the raised dots. 

KAS panels are quick and easy to fit and there is generally no need to rework a panel. Our formers and tooling have evolved over decades with constant testing and quality control. We're proud of our products as will you be decades after your purchase.


Photo Gallery of some KAS Austin Healey Products

(Click on an image to enlarge)

Early 4 Cyl Boot Box

AH185 BN1 Dashboard

BN2 Aluminium Dashboard

BJ8 Chassis with extra's

Our Chassis with optional Adjustable Shock Mounts, Webbed Rails, Reinforced Engine Mounts and Reinforced Inner Sills. Each of these extra's, greatly improve your Healey with little or no impact on the classic look of your car.

BJ8 Chassis front right quarter

Note the way the optional Adjustable Shock Mount and Reinforced Engine Mount are cleverly disguised.

BJ8 Chassis head on.

Our optional Webbed Rails (welded centre seams as per original) give superior strength and riggidity over the old original frame without any visible alterations to the look of your Healey. Your Healey will still look just like a Healey should, regardless of what angle you may view it from. We have gone to great lengths to provide you with an alternative to the commonly used "off the shelf RHS (Rectangular Hollow Section)" rails.

Our Display stand with examples of our chassis options.

Cockpit Floor

4 Cyl Front Guard Repair

4 Cyl Footwell Repair

4 Cyl Clutch Lever

A popular option are these 100/S styled pivoting seat backs to give your Austin Healey that unique 100/S seat look, without having to forego the convenience of pivoting seats.

100/S Style pivoting Seat Back

These 100/S style seat backs include a strengthening bracket across the lower section which gives added rigidity.

Note the flanged slots. These seat backs are not only well ventilated, they hold their shape well too.

BN1 Chassis

BN1 Chassis

BN1 Chassis

BN1 Chassis

BN1 Chassis

BN1 Chassis

BN1 Chassis

BN1 Chassis

For a detailed pricelist of our products please contact us by email or phone.


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