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Feature Product   07/06/11

AH598A & AH598B Rear Seat Pan

Our AH598A (BN4, BT7, BJ7) and AH598B (BJ8) rear seat pans are high quality, accurately shaped, pressed steel products.


These "tractor seats" are a true steel product and the perfect replacement for those non-original looking fibreglass replica's or those tired, rusted out rear seats that have served diligently awaiting a worthy replacement. 

Wait no more!

These pans fit as per original, look original and with original style mounting hardware and materials are designed to install as per original.


AH598A - BN4, BT7, BJ7


Our KAS Rear Seat Pans are manufactured within very demanding tolerances, their shape being derived from tooling cast from original, unaltered samples.





AH598B - BJ8


Our Rear Seat Pans have mountings (10-32 threaded studs for BJ8) as per original, painted in etch primer and come ready for covering with your upholstery.





If you're looking to revive the "new" feel of your car then these Rear Seat Pans are a must.



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General Information & Sales: kas@ncable.net.au




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