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Austin Healey MG Triumph Sprite - Midget 100S


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Click on image Part # Model Description
AHS002 All End cap rear
AHS003 All End cap front
AHS004 All Rear Quarter Repair Panel
AHS006 All Reinforcement pillar gusset
AHS007 All Filler panel - front of A pillar
AHS007B All Front of hinge pillar - outer 6" bottom assy.
AHS007C All Front of hinge pillar - outer 14" bottom assy.
AHS008 All Hinge mount lower
AHS009 All Repair piece - lower 6"
AHS009B All Repair piece - lower 14" curved
AHS011A All Seat runner plate - adjustable
AHS011N All Seat runner plate - non adjustable
AHS020F All Front floor side section
AHS020R All Rear floor side section
AHS021 Bugeye Bonnet ( hood ) stay
AHS022 Bugeye Rear floor top hat section - to rear spring
AHS023 Bugeye Rear body gusset
AHS025 except 1500 Inner sill
AHS026 Bugeye Top frame mount bracket
AHS027 to 1965 Seat base
AHS028 Bugeye Bonnet ( hood ) prop rod bracket LH
AHS029 Bugeye Bonnet ( hood ) prop rod bracket RH
AHS030 All Jacking point/crossmember half
AHS031 All Full crossmember - c/w jacking points
AHS032   Oil cooler mount
AHS033 to 1967 Battery clamp & "J" bolt set
AHS034 to 1967 Battery mount J bolts & nuts
AHS035 except 1500 Outer sill
AHS036 1500 Outer sill
  AHS037 1500 Inner sill
AHS038 1275 & 1500 1275/1500 Cover plate, clutch/brake pedal box
AHS039 1098 & 1275 Carburettor heat shield - 1.25"
AHS040 Bugeye Heater intake duct plate
AHS040D Bugeye Heater intake duct plate - c/w duct ring
AHS041 to 1965 Seat base angle iron frame
AHS042 to 1965 Seat back
AHS043 Mk2A Softop ( hood ) rear mount bar
AHS045 Mk1 Washer bottle frame
AHS046 Bugeye Full length chassis rail
AHS047 Mk 2 onwards Full length chassis rail
AHS048 Bugeye Seat bracket - passenger side
AHS049 Mk 2 onwards Radiator - vertical support bracket
AHS050 Bugeye Radiator - vertical support bracket
AHS051A Bugeye Full length door hinge pillar skin and front assy. ( no holes )
AHS051H Mk2  Full length door hinge pillar skin and front assy. ( with holes )
  AHS052  Mk2 Rear guard taillight backing


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